Welcome to the Hotel Carbo-for-ya

In this episode of The Cook, Eat, Repeat Podcast we explore a real place, according to a news article, a “Carbohydrate based Hotel” – yes, a hotel room made of bread, donuts, bagels and all of your flour-filled treats. What would it really take? We talk to our very own Middleby chefs and product experts to help us bring our own Carb Dream Hotel to life. Plus, the age of robotics has arrived in the world of foodservice. Automation and robotics engineer Shawn Lange, President of L2F, gives insight on expected benefits to the restaurant business.

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Challenge Meets Opportunity

In this episode of The Cook, Eat, Repeat Podcast, we begin a multi-part series featuring restaurant owners from across the country, who share stories of their restaurant operations during the unprecedented time of COVID-19. Operators are forced to focus on what they can do in the current environment while abiding by never-before-experienced restrictions. There is tremendous community support for operators who have brought new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking to their business, but there continues to be a great impact on restaurants, chefs, hospitality and food service industries. Our guests offer up their tips on not only adapting, but thriving in this challenging time. In this episode we meet Michelle, owner of Darcy's Cafe in Grand Forks, North Dakota, not far from the Canadian border. In her café, with an NYC- trained chef in the kitchen, the community has rallied around her as she reinvented her business and posted a viral thank you video. She shares the changes she made to keep serving the community, and most important, her entire staff employed. Also joining us is David Abi, a multi brand President at Middleby, who shares a few innovations that are essential in the world of delivery and carry out.

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The FYI on CBD

In this episode of The Cook, Eat, Repeat Podcast we dive into the details behind the world’s longest pizza, which was a labor of love to raise funding for the massive fires in Australia. Plus, we talk with a variety of industry experts on the topic of CBD, Hemp and Cannabis, which is becoming all the rage from a viable vertical to existing beverages and food processors.

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Ghost Kitchens

We welcome from Kitchen United, the Director of Kitchen Design, Matt Maroni to the Cook, Eat, Repeat Podcast today to talk about Ghost Kitchens. He says of this exploding trend, “technology is definitely something to keep an eye on” and the majority of what he is building are small-format kitchens with big kitchen expectations when it comes to output and flexibility. The big chains to the mom and pops are compressing their space and expanding their menus. According to Matt, it’s a digital delivery and carry out customer now, and we have to think digitally. Also, Shawn Lange, President of robotics company L2f and our ventless expert Scott Heim weigh in on what they are seeing in the marketplace as well. How do you execute at a high volume level in this compressed space? Give it a listen to find out…and for one lucky listener we have a Viking carving set with your name on it, we will pick a winner from shares, tags and the below comments.

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