Food Processing


Remarkable innovation paves the way to a rich mix of technological breakthroughs. Over three decades
RapidPak has developed the most effective and efficient operation of horizontal form-fill-seal packaging
equipment. Beginning in 1991, RapidPak revolutionized packaging speeds and established
unprecedented levels of sanitation with the invention and patented use of servo motors. Designing side
extractable forming and sealing dies, confirmation stations, plug assists - along with lifting systems
enabled users easy access to all equipment functions.

Today, RapidPak has more than 40 patents.


1. Servo Motor Everything
2. Lowest Cost of Ownership
3. Fastest, Easiest Changeovers
4. Leading Sanitary Design
5. Leading Ergonomic Design with East-of-Use Features Throughout

Innovative, Custom Packaging Solutions for:

• Meat and Poultry Applications – Including whole muscle, processed and RTE portions. Retail
and institutional. Vacuum and modified atmosphere.
• Cheese Applications – including bulk, sliced, shredded, string, unit of use portions and more.
Vacuum and modified atmosphere.
• Assorted Food Applications – including pastas, ready-meals, institutional, etc.
• Sterile Medical Disposables
• Hardware and Consumer Goods