Follett LLC is a leading manufacturer of innovative equipment for the healthcare market, including medical-grade refrigerators and freezers, ice and water dispensing equipment and ice machines. Follett refrigerators, freezers and ice and water dispensers are chosen by more healthcare facilities than any other brand and can be found anywhere healthcare services are delivered.

When it comes to product temperature accuracy, there is no room for error.  Follett refrigerators and freezers are distinctive in maintaining precise temperature control, providing the highest safeguards for vaccines, medications and more. Powerful forced air refrigeration enables quick recovery after door openings, ensuring all your critical products are stored at specified temperatures and reducing the risk of lost product. Designed for long-term reliability and convenience, all Follett refrigerators and freezers include stainless steel interiors and exteriors, external digital temperature displays, and full alarming capabilities.

Follett has been the leader in ice and water dispensers for the healthcare market for over 40 years.  Symphony Plus™ dispensers were designed for hospitals and feature patient-preferred soft, Chewblet® ice, a chewable nugget that is ideal for patients. These dispensers offer industry-exclusive sanitary features, ease of service, long-term reliability and the industry’s lowest life-cycle cost in a range of models and configurations to fit almost any application.