Food Processing

CVP Systems

Since 1972, CVP® Systems, Inc. has been at the forefront of developing Modified Atmosphere Packaging
(MAP) systems. From the initial vacuum gas flush prototype to successful installations on six continents,
CVP has led the development of MAP technology. Whether you are interested in food packaging
machines for meat, poultry, pork, cheese or nuts, CVP Systems has your food packaging machine
solution. Custom options include high and low Oxygen systems and PLC programs.

Hygienic Design

• Clean-in-place system for internal cleaning
• External wash down capability
• Stainless steel snorkels


• Specific option packages for meat, poultry, nuts, grains and industrial goods
• Allen Bradley PLC controls with flexibility of pre-set controls
Seal Integrity
• Digital temperature controls with hot bar system
• Seal bar profiles minimize leakers
• Standard bag stretchers eliminate wrinkles, ensuring leak-free seals

Reproducible Results

• Heat seal manifold with positive vacuum gas seal design
• PLC controls with digital vacuum and gas flush controls with low level gas alarm
• Accumulator tank for accelerated speed of operation MasterPACKerCenterSEAL®
• High Velocity “Quick Draw” Snorkel for superior vacuum and gas flush control
• “On the Fly” changeover from High to Low O2
• Exact system control through servo controlled motors and timing belts
• Dual Gas Accumulator Tanks for High and Low O2
• Dual impulse seal bar for perfect seals
• Infeed conveyer with servo controlled linear actuators for fast and controlled feeding of trays

Patented ECO+ Film Management system designed to use:

• Eco friendly 2 mil film
• Capable of full integration with robotic pick and place systems