Food Processing


With the most comprehensive range of grinding, blending, emulsion, material handling, and slicing
equipment, Cozzini sets the standard for quality and many years of reliable productivity. Decades of
food industry and technical expertise bring the kind of insight and systems know-how to build
innovation into production processes and your final products. Equipment is powerful enough to meet
the demands of the highest volume processors, we also offer scaled-down systems and single machine
solutions for smaller producers who demand the same quality and consistency in their products.
Cozzini’s experienced product specialists and food scientists can help you develop new products or
refine your existing ones. Knowledgeable service technicians keep your systems running perfectly for
many years to come.

Continuous sausage production lines are sized to fit your needs. Centered around a PrimeCut™
emulsion system, the system combines grinding, blending, emulsion and stuffing operations into a
single, efficient process.

The FastHam® Continuous Ham Process can reduce your massaging time by 50% or more and reduce or
completely eliminate curing hold-time to facilitate continuous production with program-driven
massaging cycles.

The SUSPENTEC® Process injects trimmings reduced to micron-sized particles in a brine suspension to
enhance flavors, improve textures and increase yields in whole muscle beef, ham, turkey, chicken, pork,
or fish.

Continuous Pet Food Processing lines provide the highest percentage meat slurry inclusion. Continuous
feed systems for Canned, Kibble and Treats.