Since ALKAR’s beginning in the 1950s, installations have grown to nearly 400 continuous systems and
6,000 batch units. Unwavering dedication to customer support, engineering and manufacture of custom
thermal processing solutions paved ALKAR’s way to its present position as industry leader in the meat/protein thermal processing segment.

Continuous Processing Systems

The most extensive and highest performing lines.

• Hot Dog and Sausage - J-ConTM Compact through Mega Capacity
• Bacon - High Performance Progressive Batch Systems
• Co-Extruded & Edible Casing Sausage - PURE LinkTM
• Deli Meats & Pasteurization - Serpentine
• Links, Patties, Nuggets, & Rapid Smoke - Cyclone Linear Ovens

High Performance Batch Oven and Chilling Systems 

A full range of configurations and capabilities from 500 to 50,000 lbs. capacity, direct or indirect gas heat, steam coil heating, hot oil, high temperature (500° F / 260° C). Choose between high performance air or brine (recirculated liquid) chilling.

• Rapid Air Chill Systems
• Drying and Fermentation Rooms
• BBQ Ovens


Providing continuous and batch pasteurization systems for surface (3-5 mm depth) or
deep (core) product applications. Post-pasteurization chilling units reduce temperatures for storage.
Controls Systems - allow data collection, product tracking, and provide you with all the information
necessary to comply with regulatory requirements and efficiently operate your facility. Wireless
temperature probes also track internal and environmental temperatures throughout the entire cooking
and chilling process.

ALKAR provides a wide range of ancillary equipment, including material handling (trucks, trees, cages, racks), conveyors (chain, belts, overhead rail), smoke generators and replacement parts.